AyaCon 2013 Industry Panel

Live blog of the industry panel.


Someone asked about a sub release of the phoenix wright live action, Andrew says he has heard something but can’t say and it’s not anyone on this panel.


I asked about whether the pal/ntsc thing was still an issue now that we have HD formats that are the same resolution. Andrew says it’s mostly a non issue for him.


If Australia can release a title then it increases the chance of a UK release.


Someone has asked what Australia’s relationship is with UK anime companies.


Someone has asked about titles from other Asian countries, Andrew says he doesn’t see why not. Jeremy says that animation from other territories can make it to the UK.


Someone asked about Anime Sols and Daisuki in terms of business models, Andrew has a few comments about that and Jeremy thinks it is a cool idea but is not really going to work.


Andrew has an aside that he thinks Kill la kill is going to be really good.


Some one asked about kickstarter given that things like Little Witch Academia and Kick Heart were successful on that platform.


Jeremy is talking about how television channels are not interested in taking anime any more.


Andrew says that he is having to be much more selective about what he licenses.


Someone asked about the schedule for Scotland Loves Anime, Andrew said it will be finalised in the next couple of months.


@AllTheAnime and @MangaUK hosting.