AyaCon 2011 Anime on Demand Panel

1:04:35 PM: @Mithrandir2k and @liceas hosting the panel.

1:06:53 PM: Panel kicking off now, Andrew is introducing what Anime on Demand is.

1:08:43 PM: Started in March just after the tsunami. Tiger & Bunny was their first show, ep21 is out now.

1:09:44 PM: Andrew has been specifically looking at noitaminA titles.

1:11:17 PM: Andrew says there are uncensored Deadman Wonderland DVDs, though it’s not clear if he means a UK release.

1:13:09 PM: Simulcasting is still an emerging market so the companies are still finding ways to drive revenue while remaining competitive.

1:14:45 PM: For some shows Japanese companies want a commitment right through to physical product, so not all shows get picked up.

1:16:04 PM: He doesn’t mention any specifics but is definitely planning to get some October shows.

1:17:44 PM: He says they are looking at ways to get moe shows to sell.

1:19:16 PM: He also mentions they are working on a new backend for the site. He’d like it to be live by October.

1:20:48 PM: Accounts will be transferred and users will receive a password reset email.

1:22:33 PM: Someone asked about HTML5 and mobile support, Andrew says it is on the list for the new platform with apps for iOS and Android.

1:26:05 PM: I asked about social media support in the new platform, Andrew says it has the capacity for that.

1:29:04 PM: Ad revenue is done on x amount per 1000 views. 20k people all viewing an episode would barely cover materials costs, so not viable alone.

1:30:44 PM: Andrew recounts his experience of crap internet in Stranraer.

1:33:32 PM: Someone asked about HTPC platforms, Andrew said he’d rather have it on PS3 than Boxee or XBMC.

1:34:25 PM: He does have plans to get in on YouView.

1:36:16 PM: Until the service is in a position where it’s polished Andrew won’t be doing lots of promotion.

1:37:44 PM: October MCM Expo should be interesting in that respect.

1:40:53 PM: Someone asked about the possibility of classic shows on the platform, Andrew says he is looking at it as an option.

1:42:34 PM: With royalty calculations you are trying to calculate how much per episode the creators will get based on views.

1:45:03 PM: Someone contrasted Crunchyroll’s vision of having everything, Andrew says he’d love to but it’s not practical.

1:52:25 PM: Will asked about the possibility of getting higher profile older titles that never got a UK release, Andrew says Kickstarter style may work.

1:55:21 PM: Andrew recounts a story about the Japanese broadcast of Eva ep 19 and production problems.

1:57:49 PM: Someone asked about the western Nico Nico streams, Andrew says he knows some of their people and would like to collaborate.

1:59:03 PM: Someone else asked about dubs, Andrew says he is looking at it but it involves a separate video upload.

2:02:31 PM: Someone asked about piracy and the government’s censorship plans, Andrew said he’d prefer the site operators get shut down.

2:04:55 PM: The panel is wrapping up now, Andrew thanks everyone who picked up a year pass at Anime on Demand.

AyaCon 2011 State of the Industry Panel

12:00:30 PM: Hosted by Will Blewitt, with Andrew Partridge, Matt Mercer, Stephanie Sheh, Michael Sinterniklaas.

12:03:34 PM: Andrew is recounting the Sony DADC riot arson incident. 38426 units lost. 1.6 million pounds worth.

12:05:40 PM: Manga Ent and MVM are ok as their stock was held elsewhere. Beez titles are replicated in France so release schedule is ok.

12:08:38 PM: Older titles that are less popular (eg Stratos 4) will not get reprinted. Kaze are helping Beez pick up the pieces.

12:12:26 PM: Andrew recounts an amusing anecdote from Hyper Japan about BitTorrent, Vampire Knight and BBC Radio 4…

12:14:26 PM: Hashtag #butilistentoradiofour for amusing and creative excuses for piracy. Andrew will be judging them from the dealers room.

12:17:37 PM: Jerome and Tony are on holiday which is why it’s just Andrew from the UK industry.

12:20:09 PM: Andrew is describing the Manga issues with only releasing half a show on Blu-Ray, this has been discussed and will be resolved w/future disc

12:21:55 PM: Andrew announced that he has Mardock Scramble. He describes it as Ghost in the Shell but watchable referring to the movie.

12:23:54 PM: Andrew has a pet peeve about US companies getting rights for all English speaking territories.

12:28:23 PM: Stephanie has a question – what’s a good average number of units for a UK release? Andrew says 2000 units would be shockingly good.

12:29:00 PM: That figure is for month one of a new release.

12:32:47 PM: UK sales expectations are around half to a third of US ones.

12:35:48 PM: Someone asks about K On Blurays, Andrew says wait for Jerome to announce something.

12:36:59 PM: Someone asks if sales are still haemorrhaging in Japan, Andrew says yes.

12:38:50 PM: There have been several studio closures and cutbacks during the past year.

12:40:51 PM: TV broadcasters in Japan are not picking up as many shows as before so funding is an issue.

12:44:32 PM: Gundam Unicorn DVD version will be coming out.

12:47:51 PM: Professor Layton did about 24 to 25 thousand units.

12:53:27 PM: I asked about Gundam Unicorn Blurays volumes 2 and 3 and apparently it’s a worldwide fixed price set by Japan.

12:56:12 PM: Someone asked if anime companies are becoming less dependent on retail and more on online stores.

12:56:45 PM: Andrew says it has already been going that way.

12:58:29 PM: Someone asked how succesful the Durarara sub only discs were, Andrew says it is doing quite well.

1:00:45 PM: Someone asked about UK releases of older Gundam shows, Andrew says they will see how the US release goes.

1:01:17 PM: Will wraps it up and the panel is now over.

AyaCon 2011

Hello folks, sorry this blog has been inactive so long. It’s been an interesting year for streaming anime and while I am here at AyaCon 2011 I will be reporting on the latest info from the State of the Industry and Anime on Demand panels. If you check my Twitter feed you will see I already have a few pics and videos from the con. If you’re here, I hope you have a great time and if you’re not, stay tuned to hear the latest goings on!