AyaCon 2011 State of the Industry Panel

12:00:30 PM: Hosted by Will Blewitt, with Andrew Partridge, Matt Mercer, Stephanie Sheh, Michael Sinterniklaas.

12:03:34 PM: Andrew is recounting the Sony DADC riot arson incident. 38426 units lost. 1.6 million pounds worth.

12:05:40 PM: Manga Ent and MVM are ok as their stock was held elsewhere. Beez titles are replicated in France so release schedule is ok.

12:08:38 PM: Older titles that are less popular (eg Stratos 4) will not get reprinted. Kaze are helping Beez pick up the pieces.

12:12:26 PM: Andrew recounts an amusing anecdote from Hyper Japan about BitTorrent, Vampire Knight and BBC Radio 4…

12:14:26 PM: Hashtag #butilistentoradiofour for amusing and creative excuses for piracy. Andrew will be judging them from the dealers room.

12:17:37 PM: Jerome and Tony are on holiday which is why it’s just Andrew from the UK industry.

12:20:09 PM: Andrew is describing the Manga issues with only releasing half a show on Blu-Ray, this has been discussed and will be resolved w/future disc

12:21:55 PM: Andrew announced that he has Mardock Scramble. He describes it as Ghost in the Shell but watchable referring to the movie.

12:23:54 PM: Andrew has a pet peeve about US companies getting rights for all English speaking territories.

12:28:23 PM: Stephanie has a question – what’s a good average number of units for a UK release? Andrew says 2000 units would be shockingly good.

12:29:00 PM: That figure is for month one of a new release.

12:32:47 PM: UK sales expectations are around half to a third of US ones.

12:35:48 PM: Someone asks about K On Blurays, Andrew says wait for Jerome to announce something.

12:36:59 PM: Someone asks if sales are still haemorrhaging in Japan, Andrew says yes.

12:38:50 PM: There have been several studio closures and cutbacks during the past year.

12:40:51 PM: TV broadcasters in Japan are not picking up as many shows as before so funding is an issue.

12:44:32 PM: Gundam Unicorn DVD version will be coming out.

12:47:51 PM: Professor Layton did about 24 to 25 thousand units.

12:53:27 PM: I asked about Gundam Unicorn Blurays volumes 2 and 3 and apparently it’s a worldwide fixed price set by Japan.

12:56:12 PM: Someone asked if anime companies are becoming less dependent on retail and more on online stores.

12:56:45 PM: Andrew says it has already been going that way.

12:58:29 PM: Someone asked how succesful the Durarara sub only discs were, Andrew says it is doing quite well.

1:00:45 PM: Someone asked about UK releases of older Gundam shows, Andrew says they will see how the US release goes.

1:01:17 PM: Will wraps it up and the panel is now over.

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