AyaCon 2011 Anime on Demand Panel

1:04:35 PM: @Mithrandir2k and @liceas hosting the panel.

1:06:53 PM: Panel kicking off now, Andrew is introducing what Anime on Demand is.

1:08:43 PM: Started in March just after the tsunami. Tiger & Bunny was their first show, ep21 is out now.

1:09:44 PM: Andrew has been specifically looking at noitaminA titles.

1:11:17 PM: Andrew says there are uncensored Deadman Wonderland DVDs, though it’s not clear if he means a UK release.

1:13:09 PM: Simulcasting is still an emerging market so the companies are still finding ways to drive revenue while remaining competitive.

1:14:45 PM: For some shows Japanese companies want a commitment right through to physical product, so not all shows get picked up.

1:16:04 PM: He doesn’t mention any specifics but is definitely planning to get some October shows.

1:17:44 PM: He says they are looking at ways to get moe shows to sell.

1:19:16 PM: He also mentions they are working on a new backend for the site. He’d like it to be live by October.

1:20:48 PM: Accounts will be transferred and users will receive a password reset email.

1:22:33 PM: Someone asked about HTML5 and mobile support, Andrew says it is on the list for the new platform with apps for iOS and Android.

1:26:05 PM: I asked about social media support in the new platform, Andrew says it has the capacity for that.

1:29:04 PM: Ad revenue is done on x amount per 1000 views. 20k people all viewing an episode would barely cover materials costs, so not viable alone.

1:30:44 PM: Andrew recounts his experience of crap internet in Stranraer.

1:33:32 PM: Someone asked about HTPC platforms, Andrew said he’d rather have it on PS3 than Boxee or XBMC.

1:34:25 PM: He does have plans to get in on YouView.

1:36:16 PM: Until the service is in a position where it’s polished Andrew won’t be doing lots of promotion.

1:37:44 PM: October MCM Expo should be interesting in that respect.

1:40:53 PM: Someone asked about the possibility of classic shows on the platform, Andrew says he is looking at it as an option.

1:42:34 PM: With royalty calculations you are trying to calculate how much per episode the creators will get based on views.

1:45:03 PM: Someone contrasted Crunchyroll’s vision of having everything, Andrew says he’d love to but it’s not practical.

1:52:25 PM: Will asked about the possibility of getting higher profile older titles that never got a UK release, Andrew says Kickstarter style may work.

1:55:21 PM: Andrew recounts a story about the Japanese broadcast of Eva ep 19 and production problems.

1:57:49 PM: Someone asked about the western Nico Nico streams, Andrew says he knows some of their people and would like to collaborate.

1:59:03 PM: Someone else asked about dubs, Andrew says he is looking at it but it involves a separate video upload.

2:02:31 PM: Someone asked about piracy and the government’s censorship plans, Andrew said he’d prefer the site operators get shut down.

2:04:55 PM: The panel is wrapping up now, Andrew thanks everyone who picked up a year pass at Anime on Demand.

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