Global Shinkai Day streaming event

@ukanime reports that this weekend (5th – 7th March) is Global Shinkai Day, and in celebration of the event, Crunchyroll will be streaming 3 Makoto Shinkai feature-length anime: 5cm/s, The Place Promised in our Early Days, and Voices of a Distant Star.

Stream Directory

It’s a work in progress at the moment, but our new Stream Directory is online! The Stream Directory is a list of anime streaming providers and the shows that they stream. All the shows listed in the Directory have at least one episode available for streaming to the UK without a membership being required with the provider in question.

Classic Gundam series now streaming

@BeezEnt announced the availability of streams of various classic Gundam series on the Bandai Channel website. The site indicates that Mobile Suit GundamMobile Suit Z GundamMobile Suit Gundam WingMobile Suit Gundam SEEDMobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny and the first season of Mobile Suit Gundam 00 will be streaming at various points between now and the end of May across the Youtube, AnimeNewsNetwork and Crunchyroll sites.

Site relaunch

Starting February 2010, this site is relaunching as a UK-centric anime blog with a focus on streaming media.